Construction FAQs

“The quality of the workmanship is exceptional.”

We hired George Lagonia to remodel our kitchen and we had an excellent experience with George and his team. The quality of the workmanship is exceptional — we are very happy with the finished product. George was in communication with us throughout the project, stood by his estimates and hit our agreed deadline. He is surrounded by a great team, our house was kept immaculate through the whole project. We really could not be happier with our renovation.

– William Hoffman, Chatham, NY

“Job well done.”

We found George to be a most reliable and thoroughly efficient contractor. His communication skills are to be commended, as we were kept informed throughout the entire process. His mind is quick, his ideas logical, and his skills, craftsmanship, and attention to detail consistently keen. …His staff is a well tuned operation and the respect for one another is obvious. This result of his attention is a “job well done.” We look forward to working with George on another project soon. We only hope that he will have the time to fit us in!

– Craig Cunningham, The Edge LLC

“George took the time to fully understand my goals and visions.”

We are entering our seventh year since completion of our commercial building project in Hillsdale. I always smile when a new customer enters the business and comments on how beautiful everything looks. They often question, “Is this brand new?” This is in large part due to the detail work of Lagonia’s crew and George’s grasp of what I was looking to accomplish. George took the time to fully understand my goals and visions. Now seven years later, knowing full well I had generations of commercial business history at stake, George will still stop by and make sure “everything is ok, right?” What started as a contract has grown into a mutual business, vendor relationship. I have referenced many of my customers to Lagonia Construction, in confidence they will have a good experience.

- Tony Avenia, B&G Wines of Hillsdale, NY

What is your warranty?

Standard building practices are that the product is warrantied from the time of issuance of certificate of occupancy. We go a step further with our warranty and are there for the long hall. We have clients that have been using us for over 20 years now and call us for all of the needs and advise. The relationships we have built with our customers has turned many of them into more than just customers, they have become friends.

Do you get involved early in the construction process?

We have found over the past 27 years that the earlier we are on site the smoother the project ultimately runs. Being part of the decision making process when it comes to material choices, local building practices and dealing with local subcontractors pays huge dividends during the construction process. There are less surprises and a better team spirit is usually built along the way. This all ends up with a much happier client.