FAQs – Custom Home Building

What is your warranty?

Standard building practices are that the product is warrantied from the time of issuance of certificate of occupancy. We go a step further with our warranty and are there for the long hall. We have clients that have been using us for over 20 years now and call us for all of the needs and advise. The relationships we have built with our customers has turned many of them into more than just customers, they have become friends.

Do you get involved early in the construction process?

We have found over the past 27 years that the earlier we are on site the smoother the project ultimately runs. Being part of the decision making process when it comes to material choices, local building practices and dealing with local subcontractors pays huge dividends during the construction process. There are less surprises and a better team spirit is usually built along the way. This all ends up with a much happier client.

How do we turn our ideas into a set of workable plans?

We have relationships with several architects in and out of the area. We always do our best to connect the right architect with each clients needs to help turn your ideas into a workable plans. We believe that this is one of the most important aspects of getting a project off to a positive start, ultimately ending up with a beautiful project and a satisfied client.

How do we deal with changes?

One way to minimize these issues is to be very proactive in how we run a project. By seeing through the layers of a project we tend to minimize changes. If we do have a change it is done only upon written permission that establish the parameters. No one likes surprises and this methodology has proven to avoid them.

How do you handle problems?

Our company motto is “There are no such things as problems, only solutions.” This has served us well throughout the years. We pride ourselves on our problem solving ability and enjoy being part of the solution. Customers really like that we clearly identify the issue while at the same time help to problem solve.

Do you have a lot of employee turnover?

I am proud to say that we have never laid off an employee due to lack of work. The majority of our employees have been with us longer than 10 years. Because we do not have much employee turnover, we have the consistency of staff that is necessary to keep our projects on time and budget. It also ensures the quality that our customers expect.

What will my construction project cost?

We provide full written cost estimates. We don’t believe in just taking a guess at things. Our estimates are done with great care and will ensure that your project gets off in the right direction.