FAQs – General

What are your payment terms?

Each contract is slightly different. The basic payment terms set up is a deposit and then payments are due upon accomplishing milestones. This is documented via a standard AIA format. Percentages complete equals percentage paid. This system allows both the owner and us monitor all costs during the construction process.

Do you have a showroom?

Our showroom is our shop and offices. Please stop by to see the latest project we are working on. I guarantee there is something here that will catch your eye and help to bring out design ideas. Our facility is neat and clean and will give you a great sense of how we run every one of our projects.

Do you provide written estimates?

Written estimates are part of every project we do. The more information we receive the easier it is to provide an accurate all inclusive estimate. We provide Labor, Material, Subcontractors, Fees, and profit and Overhead in every one.

Do you provide shop drawings?

We provide shop drawings for all of our custom cabinetry and submittals. They are done via CAD and can be converted into a PDF for easy review. We provide this service as part of each project.

What is the usual lead time?

That is one of the most frequent questions asked for a cabinet project is, “When will it be done? What is the usual lead time?”

The answer is usually the same. Each project has its own twists and turns that result in final delivery date. Complexity, material choice, finishes, etc. all play into that time frame. Once shop drawings are approved and we go into manufacturing mode we can usually predict time frames. Larger construction projects are scheduled and run the same way. We are very proactive in the scheduling process which results in a stream line project.

What is the geographic area you work in?

We are not afraid to travel. With our Custom Cabinetry business, traveling during installation is part of the job. For full fledged construction projects we tend to work within a 50 mile radius. For Construction Management Projects 100 miles is our radius. Give us a try, we really do not base our work on a specific geographic area or distance. We base it on our customers, their needs and how it fits into our schedule.