The Maker Hotel

designed magazine | Winter 2021

“Working with Lagonia Construction, which was instrumental in rebuilding the space and restoring the buildings, the team preserved the buildings’ architectural elements, retaining the original dark wood flooring, heavy panelling, dark wood door frames, and mosaic tiles in the foyer. The bedrooms are designed around the period features and impressive hand-painted ceilings, with each room designed on a theme to tell a story.”

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The Bartlett House

New York Times | November 14, 2016

“The four-story, 19th-century house is a national landmark building that once functioned as a hotel, but has stood vacant in more recent years… To tackle the renovation — which took nine months — Glazman, Roytberg and Janowicz teamed up with local craftsmen and builders. “It required a lot of structural work,” Roytberg says, noting that wherever possible, attention was paid to salvage original materials. “We preserved and restored the window casings and sills, and the balusters from the staircases were reused in the bread shelves behind the cafe counter.”

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